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What's Your Story

Every day we think thoughts, feel emotions and do things. These acts make us who we are and no two people are the same. We each have a different story-a way of communicating to others what's important and memorable about our past, present and future. If you had to write your story in one sentence, what would it be?

Reasons to Believe

Backing Up Your Story

If Beyonce were to say she's a hardworking superstar who is loved around the world, why would we believe her? She trains hard. Has many mega-hits. And her concerts sell out globally. Those are the reasons to believe her story. If you think you're a dependable, nice person who makes the best of opportunities- what are the reasons to believe that?

Your Story Gets You the Job

Whether you think about it or not, you constantly share your story and reasons to believe in conversations, and in the images and emotions you post online. The more you're aware of what makes you unique, the better you can portray that to others especially hiring managers. Your social media profiles and interviews are big opportunities to tell a story others will remember.

I love playing around with numbers.

Deadlines don't scare me. I'm a think-ahead type.

I've travelled a lot so I'm great with people.

Share Your Positives

After you've written out your story, write down three reasons to believe it. Once you have your three reasons, make sure to add them to your social media profile, resume and interview conversation. Get creative. Find memorable ways to say it. Click here to read the story I share online.

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